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If you want to make your navigation menu or any other box stick to top on scroll then let me tell you, you are at the right place Yes, you can make your navigation menu or any other box like ‘ad box’ sticky easily with just few line of easy code. You just need to  [ Read More ]

Still many of you don’t know how to use Ajax, some of you who know how to use it are using it by the old XMLHttpRequest() object. Do you know jQuery makes it really easy to make a Ajax request. Here we will first make a jQuery Ajax post request and display the response from  [ Read More ]

If you have searched many websites to learn Regular expressions but still searching for a better tutorial than you are at the right place. Regular Expression also known as Regex are a little difficult to write but actually once you have learn how to use few symbols and modifiers you can create your own javascript  [ Read More ]

Many times you want to know the current page URL . Which is required many times like including images, stylesheet, including some jQuery plugin or using it for Facebook integration script etc. Here i am going to tell you how to get the current page URL in PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Java Script. PHP:- $current_page_URL  [ Read More ]

Today Facebook is the most popular website on the web. Almost everyone who uses internet is on Facebook. Today every one is effected by Facebook. Every one want to integrate all the features and API provided by Facebook to there site. A common feature that every one wants in his/her site is Facebook comments. Well  [ Read More ]