7T-FileManager component is a pretty simple and cool way to manage your files through the Joomla. Through this Joomla component “7t-filemanager” you can:-

-> Create new files
-> Create new folders
-> Delete multiple files
-> Copy multiple files
-> Upload multiple files
-> Download multiple files
-> Change permission of the files
-> Edit files in code editor or text editor
-> Everything is ajax based to save your time

Here is the screenshot:-


File Manager Component for Joomla

It uses the Editarea code editor script, which provides you an easy way to edit different code files like Php, HTML, Java Script, C, C++, XML, CSS, Java, Pascal, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL,T-SQL, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic etc.
It uses Ajax based PlUpload script to upload multiple files at once with the progressbar.

Download from here