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Are you getting “page not found” or “Object not found” error after activating the permalinks in WordPress and SEO friendly URL in Joomla or any other while working on Localhost of your computer? Here is the solution to make them working on the Localhost, Apache, Xampp. By default installation of Xampp on Windows, the mod  [ Read More ]

If you want to make your navigation menu or any other box stick to top on scroll then let me tell you, you are at the right place Yes, you can make your navigation menu or any other box like ‘ad box’ sticky easily with just few line of easy code. You just need to  [ Read More ]

7t-filemanager is simple to use file manager for joomla with code editor to edit files. Create new files and folders. You can also upload, download, copy, delete multiple files.

Many times you want to know the current page URL . Which is required many times like including images, stylesheet, including some jQuery plugin or using it for Facebook integration script etc. Here i am going to tell you how to get the current page URL in PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Java Script. PHP:- $current_page_URL  [ Read More ]

Modules are the powerful way to add new functionality in a Joomla site. If you know how to write a Joomla module, you can convert any PHP code into Joomla Module for example a Jquery slideshow, facebook fanbox etc. Is it possible? Yes Ofcource it is! Modules are used to display data in all or few  [ Read More ]

From last few days i have received many request for the simple steps of writing a Joomla Plugin. So, i am back with the simple steps of writing a Joomla Plugin. As we know Joomla is the most popular CMS in these days. So, becoming a Joomla Plugin developer is also a good idea to  [ Read More ]