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File uploader is always a point for a hacker where he/she can hack your website by uploading a malicious script file on your server if you do not have put the proper validation into the server side code. If a hacker is able to upload his script on to your server then he can easily  [ Read More ]

SQL Injection is the most common and dangerous security issue these days where a person can 1) Get data from your database 2) Add Malicious script in your database 3) Get access to your site 4) Delete tables from your database 5) Manipulate your database Why SQL Injection occurs SQL injection occurs because your web  [ Read More ]

Are you getting “page not found” or “Object not found” error after activating the permalinks in WordPress and SEO friendly URL in Joomla or any other while working on Localhost of your computer? Here is the solution to make them working on the Localhost, Apache, Xampp. By default installation of Xampp on Windows, the mod  [ Read More ]

If you want to make your navigation menu or any other box stick to top on scroll then let me tell you, you are at the right place Yes, you can make your navigation menu or any other box like ‘ad box’ sticky easily with just few line of easy code. You just need to  [ Read More ]

In my previous post i had posted how you can make a zip file in Php. But i know many of you are also looking to unzip a zip file in php. So here i am back with the solution. The class i am going to provide you has been taken from the Phpmyadmin code.  [ Read More ]

For my recent work i was searching for a PHP class through which i can easily zip any number of files and folder into one single zip file. I search all around the web and finally found it inside the Phpmyadmin. They are using a really easy Php class through which any one can make  [ Read More ]

Still many of you don’t know how to use Ajax, some of you who know how to use it are using it by the old XMLHttpRequest() object. Do you know jQuery makes it really easy to make a Ajax request. Here we will first make a jQuery Ajax post request and display the response from  [ Read More ]

What is array in Php? An array is a collection of variable. A simple variable can store a single value whether it is a string type, integer type or boolean type variable. In an array you can store multiple values. There  are three type of arrays in Php:- Numeric array – An array with a  [ Read More ]

Php is a powerful language. If you are thinking whether Php supports image processing like the other language Java, C# etc. than i must tell you, YES! Php have a powerful image processing library called as Php GD Library which contains many different useful functions that can help you in processing images. Here i am  [ Read More ]

These days E-mail is the powerful way of communicating with each other without spending a single buck. If you are  a Php developer and wish to send e-mail by using Php then you are at the right place. Here i am going to tell you how you can send plain text email, HTML email and  [ Read More ]