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Are you getting “page not found” or “Object not found” error after activating the permalinks in WordPress and SEO friendly URL in Joomla or any other while working on Localhost of your computer? Here is the solution to make them working on the Localhost, Apache, Xampp. By default installation of Xampp on Windows, the mod  [ Read More ]

If you want to make your navigation menu or any other box stick to top on scroll then let me tell you, you are at the right place Yes, you can make your navigation menu or any other box like ‘ad box’ sticky easily with just few line of easy code. You just need to  [ Read More ]

7t-filemanager is simple to use file manager for wordpress with code editor to edit files. Create new files and folders. You can also upload, download, copy, delete multiple files.

Many of you wanted to use the WordPress login in your wordpress plugin or theme. WordPress made it really easy so that user can login to wordpress by using your wordpress plugin or theme. How to do it? Just be with me till the end of this post Few things you should know:- get_site_url() :-  [ Read More ]

Many times you install a theme which either do not support a custom wordpress menu or have only one wordpress custom menu and you wish to add a custom wordpress drop down menu to the theme but you don’t know how. Don’t worry i am here to assist you on this problem. Here i am  [ Read More ]

As we know that we have a mail function mail() in Php which can be used to send plain text mail, HTML mail and mail with attachment. In the Php mail() function it is easy to send plain text mail or HTML mail but a little hard to send a Mail with attachment. But don’t  [ Read More ]

By default any WordPress theme do not have the Featured image support. But any one can add featured image wordpress support in any wordpress theme by including few simple steps which i am going to tell you. These adding this featured image support is also called as adding post thumbnail support in your wordpress theme.   [ Read More ]

If you are thinking to write a wordpress plugin or wordpress theme and want to access wordpress database in them than this wordpress post can help you in connecting to your wordpress database from your wordpress theme or plugin. I will tell you how you can execute any kind of sql query in this article.  [ Read More ]

Many times you want to know the current page URL . Which is required many times like including images, stylesheet, including some jQuery plugin or using it for Facebook integration script etc. Here i am going to tell you how to get the current page URL in PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Java Script. PHP:- $current_page_URL  [ Read More ]

Ajax is what you can call the present and future of interactive website interface. Lots of WordPress developers are not aware with the Ajax support in WordPress. They think it will be hard to use Ajax in there Plugins and Themes. But let me tell you that WordPress makes it really easy to implement Ajax  [ Read More ]