These days E-mail is the powerful way of communicating with each other without spending a single buck. If you are  a Php developer and wish to send e-mail by using Php then you are at the right place. Here i am going to tell you how you can send plain text email, HTML email and  [ Read More ]

Many times you want to know the current page URL . Which is required many times like including images, stylesheet, including some jQuery plugin or using it for Facebook integration script etc. Here i am going to tell you how to get the current page URL in PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Java Script. PHP:- $current_page_URL  [ Read More ]

Today Facebook is the most popular website on the web. Almost everyone who uses internet is on Facebook. Today every one is effected by Facebook. Every one want to integrate all the features and API provided by Facebook to there site. A common feature that every one wants in his/her site is Facebook comments. Well  [ Read More ]

Here i am going to give you a code through which you can generate Graph image for your business site or for any kind of site depending on the input data. You can use the input data from your SQL Database to make this graph dynamic and more useful which is really easy to do.  [ Read More ]

Ajax is what you can call the present and future of interactive website interface. Lots of WordPress developers are not aware with the Ajax support in WordPress. They think it will be hard to use Ajax in there Plugins and Themes. But let me tell you that WordPress makes it really easy to implement Ajax  [ Read More ]

Modules are the powerful way to add new functionality in a Joomla site. If you know how to write a Joomla module, you can convert any PHP code into Joomla Module for example a Jquery slideshow, facebook fanbox etc. Is it possible? Yes Ofcource it is! Modules are used to display data in all or few  [ Read More ]

From last few days i have received many request for the simple steps of writing a Joomla Plugin. So, i am back with the simple steps of writing a Joomla Plugin. As we know Joomla is the most popular CMS in these days. So, becoming a Joomla Plugin developer is also a good idea to  [ Read More ]

The power of wordpress is behind it’s plugins. Some people think that developing a wordpress plugin is a hard work. But believe me with the simple steps i am going to tell you everyone can write a WordPress plugin. Through wordpress plugin you can add alot of functionality in your wordpress site. You can filter  [ Read More ]

If you are searching for something like “how to create a facebook application using Php” then you are at the right place. Its as easy as making tea Through this code you can create your own gaming facebook application, contest facebook application etc. Many facebook users use many facebook applications and wish to create his/her  [ Read More ]

Many of you want to use the wordpress color picker like in the header editor of the wordpress. Don’t worry today i will let you know how to do it. I have created a sample plugin which just display the color picker inside it. The code is really simple to implement. WordPress uses “farbtastic” script  [ Read More ]