Still many of you don’t know how to use Ajax, some of you who know how to use it are using it by the old XMLHttpRequest() object. Do you know jQuery makes it really easy to make a Ajax request. Here we will first make a jQuery Ajax post request and display the response from  [ Read More ]

Many of you wanted to use the WordPress login in your wordpress plugin or theme. WordPress made it really easy so that user can login to wordpress by using your wordpress plugin or theme. How to do it? Just be with me till the end of this post Few things you should know:- get_site_url() :-  [ Read More ]

Many times you install a theme which either do not support a custom wordpress menu or have only one wordpress custom menu and you wish to add a custom wordpress drop down menu to the theme but you don’t know how. Don’t worry i am here to assist you on this problem. Here i am  [ Read More ]

Here i am going to tell you all the important queries used in Microsoft SQL Server. Just go through this page and you will become master in Microsoft SQL Server because all the queries used in daily programming are briefly explained here. To create own database create database demostart To view the database details sp_helpdb  [ Read More ]

If you have searched many websites to learn Regular expressions but still searching for a better tutorial than you are at the right place. Regular Expression also known as Regex are a little difficult to write but actually once you have learn how to use few symbols and modifiers you can create your own javascript  [ Read More ]

What is array in Php? An array is a collection of variable. A simple variable can store a single value whether it is a string type, integer type or boolean type variable. In an array you can store multiple values. There  are three type of arrays in Php:- Numeric array – An array with a  [ Read More ]

As we know that we have a mail function mail() in Php which can be used to send plain text mail, HTML mail and mail with attachment. In the Php mail() function it is easy to send plain text mail or HTML mail but a little hard to send a Mail with attachment. But don’t  [ Read More ]

By default any WordPress theme do not have the Featured image support. But any one can add featured image wordpress support in any wordpress theme by including few simple steps which i am going to tell you. These adding this featured image support is also called as adding post thumbnail support in your wordpress theme.   [ Read More ]

If you are thinking to write a wordpress plugin or wordpress theme and want to access wordpress database in them than this wordpress post can help you in connecting to your wordpress database from your wordpress theme or plugin. I will tell you how you can execute any kind of sql query in this article.  [ Read More ]

Php is a powerful language. If you are thinking whether Php supports image processing like the other language Java, C# etc. than i must tell you, YES! Php have a powerful image processing library called as Php GD Library which contains many different useful functions that can help you in processing images. Here i am  [ Read More ]